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Announcement by Sanosil Ltd, Switzerland,
Sanosil Ltd has cancelled the JV and distribution contract with Sanosil MENA

Sanosil Ltd, Switzerland, Sanosil head office and patent holder of the Sanosil disinfectants has separated from Sanosil MENA, Dubai, UAE and cancelled the JV and distribution contract officially on 27.06.2022.

Sanosil MENA is with immediate effect no longer the contact and representative of Sanosil Ltd and its Sanosil products in the countries Unites Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain or any other Middle East or African countries.

Sanosil MENA or any successor organisation is no longer permitted to accept orders or make sales in the name of Sanosil Ltd.

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Quality Warranty

Sanosil Ltd, head office, disclaimer of responsibility of
Sanosil MENA* products:

Sanosil Ltd cannot guarantee the quality of disinfectants supplied by Sanosil MENA or any successor organisation. Sanosil Ltd Switzerland disclaims any responsibility for the products purchased from Sanosil MENA or any successor organisation. Customers purchase these products exclusively at their own risk and responsibility

* Sanosil MENA / Sanosil MENA Detergents & Disinfectants Manufacturing CO. L.L.C., Dubai or any successor organisation

Original Sanosil disinfectants:

The original Sanosil products Made in Switzerland are temporarily available
only directly from Sanosil Ltd, Switzerland, head office.
In the original quality, developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
Please visit our homepage for more information on original Sanosil disinfectants:

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